When the Skype audio is distorted while we’re trying to talk to each other





Ciara Richardson Photography

What a long distance relationship has taught me

Having been in a long distance relationship for almost 18 months now, I’ve learned a lot about relationships in general. I’ve learned that knowing you have to cope for months without being in physical touch with a person you love sucks and takes more patience than I think I can provide. But just because that one little, lovely person means the world to you, you keep believing in yourself and find your patience through the nights you cry yourself asleep. I’ve been watching all the couples around me. I’ve seen people suffocating themselves with too much time with their loved one - and slowly dying inside. I’ve seen people taking their relationships granted. Never take a relationship for granted. I’m just saying.

I refuse to believe in the whole divorce culture. Just because the distance is big between you, doesn’t mean you have to break up. You can work it out. If you’re not sure of your love for someone, do not get married with them. I’ve learned in a long distance relationship how much I value this person and I already know that he is the one. I personally think that it should become something you know within a year. I do not believe in the culture of giving up. Do not give up.

There’s more to life and love than giving up.